Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 2017

Advent of thermoplastic supports and hangers in construction

The importance of thermoplastic supports and hangers in construction has grown from its infancy in 1984 to become a significant building component category in all types of construction in this country and worldwide.

Tradition was that all types of pipe and tubing and conduit was suspended by steel hangers. There were no known alternatives to steel thirty years ago.

The advent of a thermoplastic support and hanger system out of Europe started to change the construction climate. Engineers became aware of the advantages of having plastic suspend pipe, tube, conduit to prevent chaffing or damage to the tubular member.

Plastic resins advanced via large producers to become stronger and more environmentally friendly. Pipe producers were the leading forces to advance the chemistry and technology into creating a broadened variety of pipe. There became piping systems designed for underground, above ground.

Along with the piping systems produced for both water and chemicals, systems were created for chemicals and pure water. Laboratories and semiconductor markets took hold for these piping systems along with compatible thermoplastic hanger systems.

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